Philosopher, Programmer, Dreamer!

To ja.

Hello, My name is Janek.
I come from Poland, Bydgoszcz to be precise. I am Python programmer. I want to create best products and companies. Innovation is my passion. Knowledge is power.

I am Minimalist.
Achieving goals is my greatest passion.
If you need help, talk to me - we will work together on problems!
Privately, I love many things: View of the sun in the morning, good conversation at dinner or an interesting chapter in a book after launch.
I would like to fulfill my dreams and live like in an American dream, while still being surrounded by positive people (key to my environment is a smile!).
I am an extrovert entrepreneur (ESTP), which means that sometimes I am more open to people than knowledge!
That creates a wonderful dynamism in my always-changing life.
Distinguishing mark: white shirt!

Here! Take a look at my goals!

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To ja.

Remember! I want to make things that make a difference!

To ja.

Over there You can see what kind of programmer I am.

To ja.

And here You can read what kind of person I want to become!

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Life is after all a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get!

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